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The Vision

  • Every child has a permanent family which provides a safe loving environment that is emotionally and economically stable;
  • All children develop their full potential by having all physical, emotional, educational, cultural, spiritual, developmental, and special needs met; 
  • All families have the skills and resources to maintain their integrity, function to the best of their ability and be responsible to their family members; 
  • A community that invests in the future of its children by providing services to empower families;
  • A community whose members respect diversity and support the strengths of the racial, cultural and ethnic heritage of families and neighborhoods.

Intake Services
Richland County County Children Services' screeners receive calls regarding child abuse and neglect concerns. Concerns may be called in to the agency 24 hours / day, 7 days / week at 419-774-4100.

Social workers assess the abuse or neglect concern by interviewing and observing interactions of the child and family.

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Prevention Services

Richland County Children Services Board offers Prevention Services to work with young mothers, families of school-aged children, and families of unruly and delinquent youth to prevent problems from developing into abuse or neglect.

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Protective Services

Richland County Children Services Board offers Protective Services with our priority of helping families keep their children safe from abuse and neglect. Social workers coordinate and provide a variety of services such as: case management, mental and behavioral health services, drug abuse treatment, parenting training, and coordination of family team meetings.

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Kinship Services
Richland County Children Services Board offers Kinship Services by assisting families in obtaining benefits and services.

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Foster Care & Adoption Services
Richland County Children Services Board provides foster care to children who are not safe in their home until reunification is possible.  Every effort is made to place the child in a relative home.  The agency recruits, screens, trains, and monitors foster parents.  Foster parents actively participate in family team meetings.

Richland County Children Services Board believes that each child deserves a home.  Adoption provides that permanent family.  The agency screens, trains, and supports prospective adoptive parents while matching them with a child in need of a safe, nurturing home.

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